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The Castle

The recent renovation of the property and the refined interior decoration, designed by the owner Caterina Benello, convey the authentic and familiar connotations of the site. Life events and family memories, materials and objects collected traveling generate an atmosphere which evokes an intimacy enhanced by the thick stone walls.

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In the large kitchen, with its fireplace and wood stove, there is an ancient vaulted brick oven, once the oven for the whole village and even today used to bake pizzas and other dishes.

Breakfast is served here or in the garden. A large lawn and a well-kept garden offer possibilities for play, entertainment and relaxation outside. The vegetable garden, cultivated with biological methods, is next to the fenced areas for the courtyard animals and to the horse paddock which are part of the great family of Tassara, along with the cats and the dogs. The property offers wide spaces for quiet and privacy, inside and outside.

Where we are

At only 80 Kms from Milan and 40 from Piacenza, Tassara is an hour’s drive from Linate airport, and an hour-and-a-half from Malpensa.
The property is on the edge of Tassara, a village on the border between the Oltrepo Pavese hills and the Piacenza hills, once a customs site where taxes and duties were collected. It overlooks the hills of the Val Tidone fields, which slope down with varied colors toward the Po Plain. In the distance, on the northern horizon, the Alps are visible.


This area, at the edge of the Appennine of Emilia, near one of the trails of the Via Francigena, offers cultural, touristic, gastronomic, enologic and sporting itineraries. From here it is exciting to explore the region by bicycle, on horseback, or walking on the Appennine trails. Perfumes, colours, wildlife, and the richness of castles and villages where traditional hospitality still dominates, combine to bring back the passion for nature, and the traditions and the tastes of the local cuisine. Pavia, Parma, Modena, and Bologna offer interesting cultural destinations, while Genoa and the Riviera are just over an hour away.
There are two golf courses nearby: Croara (half an hour) and La Bastardina (twenty minutes).

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