The Castle consists of an ancient mansion in the heart of a small village in the hills of Val Tidone, across from the village church. Tassara is nestled among fields, vineyards, landscapes and woods and follows a rhythm of nature and agriculture. A quiet haven suspended in time. Its story is one of restoration carried out respecting esthetic harmony, tradition, hospitality, love for refined simplicity, tastes, flavours, and animals. The past of an always loved site is recalled by the intimate interiors, the colours of the land, the use and transformation of original materials, attention to detail, and the memories of many travels. The building dates from 1400, with an adjacent 17th century church, still in use; it is next to the village of Tassara, at an elevation of 475 m. The 16-hectare property includes cultivated fields, a horse paddock and gardens. The manicured lawns, the colours and perfumes of the flowers, and the infinity pool made of stone offer corners of privacy, rest and relaxation.



At only 80 Kms from Milan and 40 from Piacenza, Tassara is an hour’s drive from Linate airport, and an hour-and-a-half from Malpensa.
The property is on the edge of Tassara, a village on the border between the Oltrepo Pavese hills and the Piacenza hills, once a customs site where taxes and duties were collected. It overlooks the hills of the Val Tidone fields, which slope down with varied colours toward the Po Plain. In the distance, on the northern horizon, the Alps are visible.
This area, at the edge of the Appennine of Emilia, near one of the trails of the Via Francigena, offers cultural, touristic, gastronomic, enologic and sporting itineraries. From here it is exciting to explore the region by bicycle, on horseback, or walking on the Appennine trails. Perfumes, colours, wildlife, and the richness of castles and villages where traditional hospitality still dominates, combine to bring back the passion for nature, and the traditions and the tastes of the local cuisine. Pavia, Parma, Modena, and Bologna offer interesting cultural destinations, while Genoa and the Riviera are just over an hour away.
There are two golf courses nearby: Croara (half an hour) and La Bastardina (twenty minutes).





In everything of nature there is something marvellous.

The more one lives alone, whether on the river or in the open country, the more one realizes there is nothing more beautiful or grander than completing one’s everyday chores simply and naturally. From the grass of the fields to the stars in the sky, each thing has its own role; there is such deep peace and such immense beauty in nature, just because no part of nature ever tries to be something beyond itself.


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