Weddings & Events

The Castle’s rooms and gardens can be booked for events, courses, photographic or video shoots. The castle offers a welcoming and elegant context for special celebrations, receptions, weddings, and birthdays and is also suitable for courses that need special arrangements, inside or out.
The availability of 7 bedrooms allows up to 17 people at a time to participate.
The large kitchen is completely equipped with a traditional wood-burning stove as well as an aga makes it ideal for cooking courses.
The property is a versatile location with vast internal and external spaces that lend themselves to yoga and meditation workshops, photography courses, training, focus groups and much else.
In the hotter months, two newly renovated spaces are now available: the summer kitchen and the hayloft:
* the summer kitchen, which is completely equipped is a very bright, high-ceilinged and lovely space;
* the old haylot is a spectacular space with a seven-metre-high ceiling. It offers 90 sqm of space on two levels.
It can accommodate 75-80 people seated at tables.

For bookings and enquiries: