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The Castle is nestled among fields, vineyards, landscapes and woods and follows a rhythm of nature and agriculture.

A quiet heaven suspended in time.

Its story is one of restoration carried out respecting esthetic harmony, tradition, hospitality, love for refined simplicity, tastes, flavors, and animals.

The past of an always loved site is recalled by the intimate interiors, the colors of the land, the use and transformation of original materials, attention to detail, and the memories of many travels.

"The more one lives alone, whether on the river or in the open country, the more one realizes there is nothing more beautiful or grander than completing one’s everyday chores simply and naturally.

From the grass of the fields to the stars in the sky, each thing has its own role; there is such deep peace and such immense beauty in nature, just because no part of nature ever tries to be something beyond itself."
- Tagore -

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